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Tuesday, April 7, 2009
My interview with Alex Vorro from Insurance Networking News
I did an interview a couple of weeks ago with Alex Vorro from INN. He was interested in finding out how insurance companies are using social media, especially Twitter.

I got the print version of the April issue today. You can read the web version here. I've compiled all of the sections I contributed to below:

"Shawn Morton, senior consultant for social media at Nationwide Insurance Co., agrees with Rose, but counters that social networking is by no means replacing any of the traditional channels."

"I've been shocked by how much Twitter has taken off with brands as opposed to other sites that have been around longer," says Shawn Morton, senior consultant for social media at Nationwide Insurance Co. "It has a relatively small user base, but there are hundreds of brands currently participating there. I think it shows there's a commitment to connecting closely, as it's a service about timeliness, relationships, responding and sharing information."

Morton feels that because there's currently so much press about social media, brands that are first to enter the fray get the most attention. He gives the example of H&R Block, which last tax season used Twitter to monitor people discussing their taxes, and would jump in to give advice. While the company was able to benefit a handful of people, the bigger victory was the recognition it gained from the press and industry at large.

"The people who use Twitter tend to be more of the hardcore social media users who talk more about social media, so when they see a brand doing something well, they tend to talk about it," Morton explains.

"The biggest question for insurers is what exactly to do with the mere 140 characters allowed in each Twitter update. Nationwide currently responds when something is posted about them, but are still figuring out what else to do with it. Esurance also is experimenting with the service, trying to refine their audience, and define the proper message."

Read the full article here.

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