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Thursday, March 26, 2009
My Experts in the Industry interview with Aaron Strout
I was fortunate to connect with Aaron Strout in person at SXSWi this year. I knew of Aaron from his work at both Mzinga and Powered, but we had never met in person. Turns out that the Innovator's Road Trip crew know Aaron, so we ended up at a lot of the same events throughout the week.

While Aaron was giving Jim Storer and me a ride back to the airport, he suggested that I participate in his Experts in the Industry series of interviews. Never one to shy away from a little self-promotion, I agreed.

Before I share the link, I need to explain the picture that Aaron included of me on the interview. Jim and Aaron started a photo meme at SXSWi where they would grab a group of people and ask them to shoot three photos: sad, angry and happy. The photo Aaron included of me is from one of the "happy" photos we took during the Mashable party.

Here is the link to the interview.

Thanks to Aaron for including me with such an impressive group of social media thought leaders and for his hospitality in Austin.

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