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Monday, February 23, 2009
I love the Squeezebox Boom
Having spent 9 years of my career working for CNET, I always stay up-to-date on the latest consumer electronics. However, because I like to get a sense of which products are worth all of their pre-launch hype, I'm usually not the first person to rush out and buy the new product.

Logitech Squeezebox Boom

I first heard about the Squeezebox Boom at CES 2008. I've used several streaming devices like it (Sonos, Omnifi, Squeezebox Duet); however, what interested me was that it was an all-in-one device. Unlike the other devices I had tried, the amp and speakers are built in.

So, as I often do, I placed the Squeezebox Boom on my Amazon Wishlist and sort of forgot about it... until a couple of weeks ago.

I was checking on the liquidation sale at our nearby Circuit City when I noticed a stack of 4 or 5 Squeezebox Booms sitting on an end cap with some HP printers. There were no markdown signs or anything else to draw attention to them (or to even let people know how much they were). Figured those could be around for a while, so I waited.

Last night, I stopped back in and found that there was only one left and that the discount was up to 50%. So I snatched it up and did a quick Google search on my BlackBerry Storm to make sure I was still getting as good of a deal as I thought. Turns out that the lowest price from a legitimate retailer was $240 from Buy. Most everyone else, including Newegg, was still selling it for $299.

I will post a more in-depth review this weekend; however, I can definitely recommend it without hesitation after using it for just a few hours. I have my entire music collection, several internet radio services and feeding into the Boom. Because it is portable and uses WiFi, I can simply unplug and move it to whichever room in the house I want. I figure it will be great on the patio this spring and summer.

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