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Saturday, January 24, 2009
High school yearbook photo challenge
I am fast approaching my 20-year high school reunion (shocking, I know). As part of the preparation, one of my classmates created a website for our class. Sounds nice, right? Unfortunately, she also dug out the yearbook and included our senior yearbook photo on our profiles.

My senior yearbook photoAs you can see from the photo, I look a little bit different in 2009 than I did in 1989.

After sharing my photo on Flickr and Facebook this week, I got lots of comments from friends.

"Your parents let you walk around looking like that. Damn."

"I'm rarely stunned, but this is just AWESOME!!!"

"Wow. I had some Rex Chapman curls when I graduated but nothing like that...Did you use mane & tail on those locks?"

"LOL - this is classic; the hair and glasses are killin me!"

"oh my.....ewwwww"

Now, I'd like to challenge anyone who commented on that photo (and anyone else who would like to play along) to post their senior yearbook photos. Can't be as bad as mine, right?

So, Todd Earwood, Jason Hiner, Jeremy Lwanga, Brendan Jackson, Tom Osborne, Kevin Watts, Matt Cleary, Jeniece Jackson and Amy Morton, it's time to dig out those yearbooks.

For bonus points, post a link to your photo on Twitter and tag it #senioryear.

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