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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
FFL 08: Battling for a playoff spot
This fantasy football season has flown by. The first half of the season had me under .500 (which is why you won't find any blog posts about the first half of the season); however, I have won my last 4 games and am in good shape to either win my division or get the lone wild card spot.

As with previous seasons, I have ended up in the only competitive division in the league. If you check out the standings below, you'll see that each of the other two divisions only have one team with a winning record.

Our division has 3 of our 4 teams at 6-4 or better.

See larger version

For the last 3 games of the season, we return to division play. That means the whole division champ and wild card issue will work itself out. For example, our current division leaders, who are tied, will face each other in the final 3 games. So if I get a win in 2 of those 3 final games, I should be in the playoffs. Without 2 wins, I will need some help to make it.

I'll post an update... if I do well. Otherwise, I will delete all references to fantasy football 2008 and deny it every happen.

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