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Wednesday, September 17, 2008
FFL 08 Week 2: Big win over RTC
For some reason, I forgot to blog after my humiliating Week 1 loss to the (overrated) Lyndon Llamas. Must have slipped my mind or something.

This week, though, I am more than happy to share the results of Week 2 where I crushed Brendan Jackson's solid RTC squad 121-102. RTC was favored by 20 and their coach talked much smack heading into the season.

Fortunately, I got great performances from Jay Cutler (38), Anquan Boldin (32), The Bears defense (19), Torry Holt (13) and recent acquisition Eddie Royal (11). My two running backs combined for 1 point; however, I was still able to drop a tree on the car of RTC (Good thing we didn't play for the Benz).

This week, I will need to get my running game figured out before facing Earwood71. It's a must win. You can't mock the "71" and get away with it.

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