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Thursday, July 17, 2008
The "Shawn Morton Sendoff" recap
Tonight, Todd Earwood, Tom Osborne and Beth Blakely organized a going-away get-together for Amy and me at the Fox and Hound Pub.

I was really blown away by the turn out. In addition to Amy and myself, we had Todd, Tom, Beth, Jay Garmon, Pat Glancy, Dan Knoy, Mark Kaelin, Nikki Key, Jason Hiner, Chris Hamm, Brian Herbert, Paula Osborne, Eric Roland, Kevin Brown, Greg Gorman, Matt Winn, Ben Thomas, Dan Shaw, Joe Wheeler, Amy Wheeler, Jeremy Lwanga, Terra Santos, James Santos, Hannah Santos, Rob May and Ted Smith. I'm hoping I didn't leave anyone out.

The cake

We got a cake from Todd and Ted also gave me a "Kentucky for Obama" hat to wear in Ohio.


We also got two "Top 10 reasons Shawn is moving to Columbus" lists:

10. Received Professor Emeritus status from Ohio State to start teaching a course in Rock Band
9. Shawn is going to open a chapter of ATO at Ohio State a la "Old School"
8. Shawn found out you can get the Victoria's Secret catalog much quicker in Columbus
7. Got stranded in Columbus when his promoter pulled the funds on his Guitar Hero World Tour
6. Well, it's approximately 15 miles closer to IKEA and, with gas at $4 a gallon, he will save about $4 dollars on every trip. SHAWN'S GOING GREEN!
5. It became increasingly embarrassing when people kept overhearing Shawn, Tom and Eric talk about "condoms" during meetings at Panera and Starbucks
4. He finally convinced someone that this "social media" blah-tee-blah is going somewhere... WHATEVER!
3. His attempts to lobby the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for a category for Guitar Hero had failed. Moving to the state capital to start lobbying the politicians is the next step
1. Shawn realized that he has more hair than Brutus Buckeye

Here's the other list:
10. It's the birthplace of his personal hero, Randy "Macho Man" Savage
9. He's going to be a contestant on Survivor: Franklin County
8. Wants to snag coveted position as curator of Lil Bow Wow's childhood home and museum
7. Just likes to say the word "buckeye"
6. One word: Somaliwood
4. Bat-shit crazy TR forum members found out where he lived
3. Wants to impress OSU coeds with his Guitar Hero expertise
2. Little chance of being homesick for KY since, counting his wife and kids, he's taking 28% of the state's population with him
1. You go where the Witness Relocation Program takes you

Amy and I had a really great time. We appreciate everyone taking the time to be there.

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