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Sunday, July 13, 2008
Last week in Louisville
I will be heading to Columbus to start my new job with Nationwide a week from today. It's been so crazy these past couple of weeks, with finding a new house and preparing our current house, that I didn't realize how quickly I will be leaving Louisville.

My last week in town won't be any less hectic.

We have two realtors coming over to check out the house and help us set a sale price. They'll each present a marketing plan next week and we'll pick whichever one we like best to be our realtor.

We are also having a basement specialist check out the new house in Columbus to see what is going on there. If it turns out to be bad, we're going to be back searching for a house (and the rest of this list may be shuffled around considerably).

That evening, I am supposed to grab dinner with Jake McKee and some members of the Social Media Club. Jake is in town to do some work with Doe-Anderson and speak at the SMC event on Tuesday.

We have the monthly Social Media Club meeting with Jake McKee.

We have our builder coming to make some repairs to our current house in the morning, then Atlas Van Lines will be coming over to evaluate how much stuff we have for the move. Then, there is a CNET Alumni lunch at Ernesto's.

I think there might be some sort of going-away get-together Thursday evening. Don't really have many details on that yet.

Mahlon is having an early birthday party since he won't be in town for his actual birthday in August. He's going to Renaissance Fun Park for laser tag, go carts and mini-golf. Afterwards, we'll have a bunch of 11 year olds sleeping over.

Miles is having his early birthday party since he won't be in town for his actual birthday in August either. Miles has chosen to do a Build-A-Bear party at the Summit followed by pizza and cake at the house.

Then, on Sunday, I travel to Columbus. Of course, I still have to secure a place to stay. I guess that should be on the top of my list for Monday.

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