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Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Organizing a Twitter meetup in Louisville
Tod(d) Earwood and I are organizing a Louisville Twitter meetup (or a "tweetup") on Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 6PM at Fox & Hound Pub and Grille.

Why would we organize a tweetup (my wife mockingly asked me the same question, so I figured you might ask, too)? It turns out there are a lot of people using Twitter in the metro area. We wanted to give everyone a chance to get-together for networking/beer drinking in person.

Instead of being just a random meetup, we're adding a little flair (you can never have too much) to this one. We've reached out to a handful of our friends at other web startups to get door prizes and giveaways, so expect cool swag from Lijit, Mixx, Louisville Mojo, Profilactic (I love that site!), TubeMogul and UStream. We'll also be streaming it live on Ustream with our dashing host/emcee Joe Bennett (see Joe in action here).

We've registered a domain, grabbed a Twitter name and set up a very basic website describing the event and listing our sponsors. Now all we need to do is convince everyone to show up.

If you're in the Louisville metro area and you're using Twitter, simply DM @letstweetup to let us know you're coming. Or you can RSVP from our listing on upcoming.

I'm talking to you, @jasonfalls, @nickhuhn, @melissaking, @michellej, @jaygarmon, @robmay, @jackbr4, @churchSMO, @nikkikey, @joebennett, @andyswan, @safetyguy1656, @nowsourcing, @timbarrett, @mark_w_kaelin, @jerang, @bryanpeabody, @tb, @gbullard, @erikeckel, @twinkie, @tlosbo, @ericroland, and @brianherbert.

For more info, check out this video invitation from Todd Earwood. It's good stuff.

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