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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Unemployment is imminent
I got laid off from my job today. After almost 9 years and many (many) rounds of layoffs during the first bubble, my number finally came up. Strangely, I am feeling a huge sense of relief right now.

After going to SXSW, I had already made the decision that I needed to either find a new job or make Profilactic my job. I even had offers for some great positions In Austin and Boston. However, I couldn't quite make myself take that crucial first step in either direction.

Today, however, I got a not-so-subtle nudge that I needed and it feels much different than I expected it would. Sure, I'm upset about not getting to work with the great group of friends that I've made over the past 9 years; however, I'm also energized about having more time to dedicate to something I am truly passionate about.

Of course, I think all of the support I've gotten from friends and family has helped a lot. I've answered at least 50 e-mails, Twitter direct messages or phone calls this evening from people wishing me well and encouraging me to take Profilactic to the next level.

My last day in the office is Friday. After that, I will be taking a couple of weeks off before diving in to the startup world with both feet.

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