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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
SMC Louisville March '08 event recap
Had a great time at last night's Social Media Club event. This one, the group's third, was hosted by CNET and was meant to be more of a mixer/networking event. In addition to a variety of tasty snacks and beverages, we had two HDTVs pumping out XBOX 360 and Wii games.

SMC Louisville: The crowd starts to gather

Rock Band was a pretty big hit. I only sat in on a couple of sessions; however, there was steady stream of people willing to get their rock on.

SMC Louisville: Jamming on Rock Band

We ended up with around 30-35 people showing up. Not everyone signed in, so this is a partial list of attendees: Jason Falls, Joe Hayden of S.G. Priest, Brian Herbert from CNET, Beth Blakely from CNET, Tom Osborne from CNET, Chris Hamm from CNET, Jeremy Lwanga from CNET, Ian Seibert of Xstreme Media, Lesa Seibert of Xstreme Media, Gregg Seibert of Xstreme Media, Michelle Jones of Consuming Louisville, Lenny Grover of Chrysalis Ventures, Roger Bauer of Zing Sales Solutions, Rob May, Todd Earwood of Simple Media, Joe Bennett, Amy Causey of Russell's Group, Michael Schnuerle of MetroMapper, Susan Gosselin of Gosselin Communications, Ben Thomas of Louisville Geek Dinner, Meg Ivey of the National Center for Family Literacy, Melissa King of Yum! Brands, Stephen Harmon of Stephen Harmon Photography, Scott Clark of and Doug Petch of Arc Performance Group.

The next SMC event will be on April 15, so get your taxes done early. No location has been set yet, so stay tuned.

See more on my SMC photos here. Michelle Jones has some photos here.

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