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Saturday, March 8, 2008
SXSWi 2008 Friday recap
I've been up way to long and I had a little too much beer earlier tonight, so I'll keep this brief. Had a terrific first day at SXSWi.

Jason Falls and I, after barely escaping the blizzard that struck Louisville, arrived in Austin around 3pm. After checking into our hotels, we went out for the night to get our SXSWi badges, grab some dinner, mingle and have a couple of beers.

In the process of getting our badges, we ran into a who's who of social media including Eric Marcoullier, Todd Sampson, Tamar Weinberg, Chris Heuer, CC Chapman, Veronica Belmont and Pete Cashmore. Eric Marcoullier introduced us to Bostjan Spetic of, then we hooked up with Nick Huhn and Richard McInnis from Radian6.

Later, I schooled an unsuspecting guy at some Guitar Hero III which was set up in the lobby (I believe Falls has that on video).

Photo courtesy of Jason Falls

After getting our badges, we grabbed a free drink at the Registration tent before heading to Champions for an impromptu Twitter meetup. There were ran into Dave Delaney from Podcamp Nashville, Scott Monty of Crayon, C.C. Chapman (again), Krista Neher of photrade, Jeremy Wright of b5media, Ewan Spence, New Media Jim and OracleJulio. We also watched a guy play Head Like A Hole by Nine Inch Nails on an accordian.

From here the night gets a little fuzzy. We tried to go to Mix at Six; however, the line was too long. We ran into Eric Marcoullier again and he convinced our group of 10 or so to make our own party somewhere else (which we did for about 30 minutes).

Eventually we ended up at Opal Divine's Freehouse for a late dinner. By this point, we had a pretty good group with us including Todd Earwood, Nikki "Lindy" Key, Richard McInnis, Jason Falls, Nick Huhn, Josh Guttman of Sphere, Lucas Welch of Soliya, Krista Neher of photrade, Charlie O'Donnell, Alex Lines, Danielle Collins, all 3 of Path 101 and Rachel "The Gypsy" Strate of Epic Ventures. Photos from dinner are here.

Dinner was a blast. A lot of great conversations and a lot a laughs. Hoping tomorrow turns out this well.

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