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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
SMC Louisville July '08 event recap
Last night, the Social Media Club of Louisville held their July event at the Louisville Visual Art Association. Jake McKee, LEGO's former community manager, was the featured speaker. He gave a great presentation on how LEGO adopted the ideals of the "Cluetrain Manifesto" to become a leader in consumer engagement.

Jake McKee presents

Jake McKee at Social Media Club of Louisville
This photo by Aaron Marshall. See more of Aaron's photos.

I had previously seen Jake participate in a community panel at SXSW Interactive back in March.

SXSWi 2008: Building Communities That Work
Jason Falls, in the right foreground, listens to Jake McKee during the "Building Online Communities That Work" panel at SXSWi 2008

There was a good crowd at the event with around 30 people in attendance. Some of the attendees included Jason Falls, Tom Osborne, Michelle Jones, Aaron Marshall, Ashley Cecil, Nick Huhn, Jay Garmon, Chris Parrish, Todd Earwood, Nikki Key, Veronica Combs, Brendan Jackson, Steve Magruder, George Parker, Chris Hamm, Dawn Yankeelov, Kat French, Todd Smith, Melanie Rosenthal and Joe and Amy Wheeler.

The event was sponsored by Doe-Anderson who brought Jake in town to speak and The Basement who provided the hors d'ouvres.

This will, unfortunately, be the last SMC Louisville event I'll be attending for a while; however, it was definitely the best yet.

BTW, Aaron Marshall took a lot of great photos of the event.

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