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Monday, February 2, 2009
10 favorite Super Bowl XLIII commercials
A lot of the chatter online last night was about how weak the Super Bowl ads were this year. While I will agree that there were more lame ads (SoBe, Overstock and this year, I think there were still some really strong commercials.

Here are my favorites:

1. MacGruber for Pepsi
I love MacGruber on Saturday Night Live; so, of course, I will love MacGruber during the Super Bowl. Wonder if Pepsi got a break on the price since NBC got a free promo out of it.

If you use the phrase "Hey, dummy" and punch a coffee-drinking, glasses-wearing, stuffed koala in the face multiple times in 60 seconds, you will make my list every year. Guaranteed.

3. Alec Baldwin for Hulu
Alec Baldwin making fun of the brain-melting power of TV works for me. Loved the line (that went somthing like this) "It's not like you're going to turn off your TV and your computer at the same time."

4. Pepsi Max "I'm Good"
Pepsi has been in a Super Bowl ad slump over the past few years, especially the Pepsi Max brand. Their ad from last year with LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes is terrible. However, they came back strong this year with diet soda for men. Sure, it's a little sexist and a lot stereotypical, but beer companies have been using that formula for years, right?

5. Cash4Gold
I thought I was going to hate this one when it opened with a much-older-than-I-remembered Ed McMahon struggling to get a gold necklace into an envelope. However, it finished strong by adding in MC Hammer selling a gold medallion of MC Hammer wearing a gold medallion and McMahon parting with his "old friend."

I know lots of people are tired of them, but I still love the E*TRADE baby ads. I think they do a great job of taking a pretty boring topic and making it fun and memorable. There were a few different ads this year. I think I liked the golf one with "Shankopatamus" (thanks for the reminder, Dean) the best, but incorporating Mr. Mister's "Broken Wings" into the other one was a nice touch.

7. Hyundai Genesis
Hyundai made a nice introduction to their luxury sedan last year with an ad that played off of the stereotypical Mercedes or BMW ads before revealing it was a Hyundai.

This year, they took a much more humorous shot at other luxury car makers ( this time Lexus and BMW) while highlighting that the Genesis won "North American Car of the Year."

8. Cheetos
Chester hangs out on the "ugly side of town."

9. Conan O'Brien for Bud Light
Come on, it's Conan.

10. Movie trailers
There were a ton of movie trailers this year. Some of my favorites were "Land of the Lost," "Transformers Rise of the Fallen," "Year One" and "Star Trek."

That's my list. Which ones did you like?

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