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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
SXSWi 2009 Day 4 recap
Day 4 at SXSWi 2009 started with the Beyond Aggregation panel with Marshall Kirkpatrick, Gabe Rivera, Louis Gray, Melanie Baker and Micah Baldwin. Was able to get there early and get a seat in the front row with Tamar Weinberg. Session ended up completely packed by the time things kicked off. Each panelist had a slightly different motivation for being better information gatherers, so they ended up presenting a broad set of tips. Marshall's method of finding new bloggers to follow was really interesting.

Day 4: Beyond Aggregation session

Spent the rest of the morning in the Blogger Lounge uploading photos and videos and reconnecting with the usual cast of characters.

Ended up having lunch on the back patio at Moonshine with Jason Falls, Jim Storer, Bill Johnston, John Johanson, Kevin Frey, Dave Delaney, Rebecca Corliss and Todd Earwood. Had the awesome Chicken Fried Steak. Highly recommended.

Day 4: Lunch at Moonshine.

One of the highlights of the day was getting Julia Allison to shoot a quick video for a co-worker. He is a huge fan and had asked me to try and get a photo. I ended up getting an awesome 30 second video. Julia was super nice and nailed the video in one take without any preparation.

I attended the Engagement 1.0 session which included MIT's Henry Jenkins. It looked at fandom throughout history and demonstrated how people connect with the media that they love. Really put things like Facebook fan pages in a larger, more interesting context. Sat with Josh Guttmann from Sphere for this session.

Day 4: Example of how fans change content franchises shown during the Engagement  1.0 session
When Sam Met Frodo was one example of fan fiction that drastically changes the original premise.

Day ended with dinner with Todd Earwood and Kevin Frey, then hanging out at the Mashable party at Six Lounge before finishing up the night at the Austin Ventures party at Unlisted.

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