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Sunday, March 15, 2009
SXSWi 2009 Day 2 recap
Day two began at the TechSet/Windows Mobile Blogger Lounge on the 3rd floor of the Austin Convention Center. As with last year's AMD Blogger Lounge, there are tons of great people who come through throughout the day, so the key is to get there early and snag a seat at one of the handful of large tables.

I met Jason Falls there as they opened the doors at 9:30am. Geoff Livingston and Rick Calvert, CEO of Blog World Expo, were there as well.

Over the course of the next couple of hours, it was a who's who of the social media space with the team from Radian6 (Marcel Lebrun, David Alston, Richard Mcinnis and Amber Naslund), Jeff Pulver, Brian Solis, Jim Storer, Jeremiah Owyang, Bill Johnston, Brian Link, Eric Marcoullier, Chris Heuer, Kristie Wells, Ewan Spence, Joanna Geary, Liz Strauss, etc.

After having breakfast and several cups of coffee there, I headed to Dave Morin's Facebook session. Unfortunately, by the time I got to the room, there was a line of about 35 people gather outside the door who couldn't get in.

Day 2: Jeff Pulver, Amber Naslund and Brian Link

So I headed back to the Blogger Lounge to continue the conversations that got started earlier in the morning. One highlight was getting a Maple Bacon Lollipop from foodzie. Another was hearing Jeff Pulver, who is an investor in Twitter, share some of his ideas for the service with Brian Link, former head technologist at, and Amber Naslund.

Later, we organized a lunch with Amber and most of the Louisville attendees at Rio Grande. Ended up with me, Jason, Amber, Chris Claxton, Rob May, Todd Earwood, Kevin Frey, Matt Winn, Jesse Harris, Nick Huhn, Dave Durand and Brendan Jackson. I opted for the mahi mahi tacos. Not quite as good as the beef brisket tacos from the day before, but it was still really good.

Lunch at Rio Grande

Headed back to the Convention Center for Zappos' CEO Tony Hseih's keynote on company culture and customer satisfaction. He had some really good insights on how Zappos approached both of those topics.

Following the Zappos keynote, we heard Charlene Li, former Forrester researcher and author of "Groundswell," talk about the future of social networks. Her theme was that "social networks will be like air" and that every website will be able to leverage data about your identity, your contacts and your activities in a much more meaningful way than they do today.

After Charlene's session, I returned to the Blogger Lounge and connected with Louis Gray and Mark Krynsky in person for the first time. I had talked with them quite a bit over the past couple of years as we were working on Profilactic. Louis and Mark have both covered the lifestreaming space extensively, so it was nice to connect with them. Also, talked to Tamar Weinberg briefly and gave her more grief about labeling me "Shawn Hogan" in one of her photos from SXSWi 2008.

Other tech "celebrities" spotted outside the Blogger Lounge area were Kevin Rose, Guy Kawasaki, Tony Tseih.

Eventually, I reconnected with Todd Earwood, Matt Winn and Rob May in the lobby of the Convention Center and we headed across the street to Fogo de Chao for dinner. There, we had an absolutely amazing meal and I made the ultimate social media typo of the week.

Following dinner, I headed out to the Frog Design party at the Mexican American Cultural Center with Rob May, Nick Huhn, Chris Claxton and Dave Durand. Wasn't quite as lively as last year's event. Also didn't see as many people that we knew as we did last year. Did see Ewan Spence and Joanna Geary before connecting with Bill Johnston, Adam Cohen, Dave Peck, Jim Storer and Aaron Strout.

After about an hour, we hopped a couple of bike taxis back to the Convention Center. From there, we headed to the Belmont Lounge for the Toobla party that Brian Link had invited us to. Not quite as nuts as the TechSet party there the previous night, so it was easier to have conversations.

That ended up being my last stop for the night. I need at least 5 hours of beauty sleep, so I headed back to the hotel around 1:30am. Overall, another good at SXSWi.

More of my photos and video from SXSWi 2009 on Flickr

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