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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
SXSWi 2009 Day 5 recap
The last day of SXSWi is always bittersweet. On the one hand, you're excited to get home. On the other, you hate to say goodbye to all of the friends and colleagues that you've spent the past 5 days connecting/reconnecting with.

I eased into the day slowly and headed to the Convention Center around 9:30am. I popped into the Blogger Lounge and hung out with Peter Corbett for a bit before getting a demo of an awesome new web service for parents called Lil' Grams. Greg Narain, who built it, had been sporting a Mr. T style mohawk throughout SXSWi, so how could I not check out his app.

Following the demo, Rick Calvert of Blog World Expo, whisked me over to do a live interview about what we're doing with social media at Nationwide.

Day 5: Building Strong Online Communities panel

After the interview, Tim Walker of Hoovers and I went to check out the Building Strong Online Communities featuring Drew Curtis of, Erin Kotecki Vest of Blog Her, Ken Fisher of Ars Technica and Alexis Ohanian of Lots of great nuggets of information from the panel; however, Drew Curtis stole the show with his seemingly endless stream of one-liners. The one that got the most respond, including applause, was about anonymous comments. Curtis called them "complete horsesh!t."

Following the session, I headed back to the Blogger Lounge to say my goodbyes. I then went to lunch with Jim Storer, Liz Strauss, Heather Strout, Becky McCray and Keri Pearlson at Maria Maria. Not only was the conversation at lunch great, but Maria Maria's food (the guacamole alone was worth the visit) and decor were really great.

Awesome decor at Maria Maria.

I made one last stop back at the Convention Center to grab some SXSWi swag from the merch table. From there, I connected with Aaron Strout who offered to take Jim Storer and me to the airport.

As with last year's SXSWi, the festival doesn't end until you leave AUS. I ran into Marty Wetherall from FanChatter in the security line. We had met during the Frog Design party on Saturday night. I then ran into Dave Durand, Bill Johnston and Chad Crowell while waiting to board my flight.

On the flight from Austin to Chicago, I sat next to the editor of and was able to share my experience with Lil Grams. Hopefully, she can give that some exposure.

Also captured this video of Austin from about 20K feet.

Ended up getting home from the airport just before midnight. I'm wiped out and exhausted, but can't wait until next year.

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