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Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Nationwide to use Twitter to cover NASCAR events
Part of my role at Nationwide is to help other teams within the company leverage social media tools. Our first experiment with that was our coverage of the 2009 State of the Black Union back in February where members of our PR team used Blogger, Twitter and Flickr to provide behind-the-scenes access to the people and events surrouding SOBU.


Starting on April 10, we will be using Twitter and Twitpic to provide real-time, behind-the-scenes access to our NASCAR Nationwide Series races.

We will have members of our NASCAR sponsorship team posting updates and capturing photos from the pre-race press conferences, at a driver Easter egg toss, in the garage area and pretty much anywhere else interesting stuff is taking place.

The great thing about having our sponsorship team doing it, rather than someone on my team, is that they are subject matter experts on NASCAR and they have existing relationships with all of the drivers and teams. I am really looking forward to seeing what they're able to capture.

In order to have this Twitter coverage be a little more interactive, we are also working with some key NASCAR bloggers to solicit feedback from their readers as to what they would like to see. So, for example, if someone requests a shot of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s car in the garage, our team in Nashville can capture it and post it on Twitter and Twitpic.

For this first Twitter-ed race, we're going to solicit that wish list in advance. Once we get a couple of races under our belt, we will likely try and respond to requests in real-time. For example, we might post that we'll be in the garage area for the next hour and ask NASCAR fans on Twitter what they'd like to see.

I think this could really end up being a nice supplement to all of the other media coverage that fans consume on race weekend. So check out our Nationwide Twitter feed on April 10-11 to see how this plays out.

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