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Tuesday, September 22, 2009
FFL 09 Week 2: Dbags 95, FTW! 67
Rough second week of Fantasy Football. There was a lot (a lot!) of trash talking leading up to my face-off with talentless, FFL rookie Mark Donohue. Expectations were high after my league-leading 124 points in Week 1 (and his 70 points).

Unfortunately, Mark's team had its "any given Sunday" moment and managed to *squeak* out a 28 point win.

My team, as a whole, didn't perform up to their averages. Tom Brady, Thomas Jones and Reggie Wayne all scored fewer than 10 points (after scoring 19 or more in Week 1). Then, there was a coaching mistake on my part. I pulled Willis McGahee at the last minute and he put up 19 points. Still wouldn't have been enough to catch Donohue's bunch of no-talent hacks, but I hate leaving points on the bench.

I hope Mark cherishes this win. I doubt he'll get many more. Now, I must set my sites squarely on Ted Laun's The Sour Mash.

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