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Wednesday, March 9, 2011
#2 SXSWi moment: Guitar Hero Deathmatch (2008)
In 2008, Microsoft brought the top Guitar Hero player in the world, Freddie Wong, to challenge SXSWi attendees.

One afternoon, as Freddie was doing a demo at the Microsoft booth, Todd Earwood decides to tell the Microsoft folks that I will take the title. Not thrilled, but totally on the spot, I had to do an audition performance.

GHIII challenge: Me and Freddie Wong

I ended up qualifying for the final slot in the tournament to be held later in the week. Of course, the tournament wasn't about beating Freddie. It was to see which competitor would lose the least. Reassuring.

While many of the other competitors chose the shortest and easiest song ("Mississippi Queen"), I chose a little Poison. My only requirement was that the host had to make a special dedication (listen closely to the beginning of the video).

I ended up finishing third and had a blast competing. My favorite part was listening to Earwood trash talking Freddie throughout the performance.

Since humiliating all of us at SXSWi, Freddie has gone on to make a ton of popular YouTube videos with over 135 million views (What?!). "Jedi A-holes" is one of my favorites.

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