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Friday, October 22, 2010
Two awards and a South Park reference
I generally don't post too much about the work I do at Nationwide (or anything else given the frequency of posts over the past year), but it has been quite a month for our digital marketing team and I wanted to mention the highlights.

Back at the end of September, we won a Bronze iab MIXX award for Digital Integration for our World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World campaign with our partners from McKinney.

The Nationwide and McKinney team with our bronze MIXX award

Then, a week or so later, we won a DMA ECHO award for our Nationwide Mobile app for iPhone with our partners from Rosetta.

Now, we get the ultimate compliment in the form of a reference in the most recent episode of South Park. During the "Insheeption" episode, they need someone to infiltrate Mr. Mackey's dreams. In the scene that follows, they reference the launch spot from our World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World campaign.


Check out the episode here. Our portion starts just after the 16 minute mark and continues for about 2 minutes. How cool is that?!

You can compare the South Park scene to the original spot here.

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