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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Screwed by GHII patch [UPDATE]
Well, I can now add myself to the list of people who have been screwed by the patch that Red Octane released for Guitar Hero II for the XBOX 360.

I had read some of the hundreds of posts on the forums and thought I was safe. I installed the patch the other day and had successfully played the game since.

However, today, I tried to fire the game up and it stalls at the "Loading" screen. And it isn't just the game that stalls, the XBOX completely locks up and has to be restarted to recover.

I played other games, like Virtua Tennis 3, without any problems, so GHII is definitely the problem.

I tried to call Red Octane's customer support line, but the recording says that they are not available. That's just unacceptable. There are hundreds of people affected by their patch and Red Octane has made no official statement about the problem or their proposed solution.

[UPDATE] 4/18/2007: Got the game working again. After playing without signing into XBOX Live and loading my game saves, I was able to play fine. That made me suspect that the patch did something screwy with my game save data.

So, with much hesitation, I went to System>Memory and deleted the game save file for Guitar Hero II. Then, I logged into XBOX Live from the Dashboard and restarted the game.

Without the old save data, the game loaded fine. Miles and I have been playing it for about 45 minutes without any glitches. It really sucks that we have to unlock all of the songs again, but it is better than a bricked console or being without the game until they patch the patch.

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