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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Guitar Hero II controls me
The past week has been a blur. See, last Wednesday, I bought Guitar Hero II for the XBOX 360. I figured the game would be fun; however, I had no idea that it would unlock the hair metal guitar god that I had hidden inside all these years.

F'in' Rockin'!!!

So far, I have played GHII every day for at least 2 hours per day. I would probably play it more, but Mahlon and Miles are always jumping in to play as well. Even Amy gets her rock on occasionally.

I burned through "Easy" the first night and "Medium" the next. Since then, I've been working on achievements and starting "Hard" (which tends to be a bit hard in spots). My career score is around 8 million which only puts me in the top 20,000 players worldwide. Must...rock...harder...

My hair is twice as long as when I started playing, btw. I think I need help.

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