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Friday, March 16, 2007
Will work for gadgets
Early this week, a friend needed some quick and dirty graphics work done. Knowing that I had given up freelance work *and* that I really wanted a new phone, he offered me his unlocked T-Mobile Dash, which he didn't like, in exchange for a logo for a website he is working on (Thanks again, Kevin!).

Of course, I jumped at that opportunity. If there is one thing I like more than money, it is free gadgets!

I picked up the Dash yesterday and I really, really like it. It is so much better than the Cingular 8125 I was using before. It is smaller (the same size as my 5G iPod). It has Windows Mobile 5. Plus, it has a full keyboard. Of course, the screen is smaller than the 8125; however, I'll gladly give up the larger screen and the lack of a keypad for the size and features of the Dash.

I was putting together some new bedroom furniture in Mira's room last night and I used the Dash (with Slingplayer Mobile) to watch the NCAA tournament while I worked. Today, I met some friends for lunch at Panera Bread and used the WiFi there to check out some of the early games. Very cool!

So, if you have any extra gadgets lying around, give me a call. I'll take 'em off your hands.

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