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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Sweet, sweet victory - Part 2
Sweet, sweet victory - Part 2Well, Bryan decided that one night of hockey beatdowns wasn't enough, so he asked for a little more.

Before I recap tonight's games, let me note that Bryan went so far as accusing me of cheating when he was confronted with his lackluster performance at the office today. That's low, Bryan.

Anyway, pretty much the same story tonight. First game, I won 6 to 3. Second game was yet another victory for me. This time, it was 9 to 3. And to top it off, two of our players got in a fight and guess what? That's right, I won that, too!

For those keeping score at home, my NHL record is now 4-0 against Bryan. I've also outscored him 37 - 12 over those 4 games.

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