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Friday, October 13, 2006
Wii preorder experience
A co-worker and I ducked out of the office for about 15 minutes this morning to see what was up with the EB Games/Gamestop Wii preorders. The EB and Gamestop near our office are actually in the same shopping plaza, so we were able to get the scoop on both stores from people in line.

First of all, Gamestop had 17 Wiis for preorder. We showed up at 10:05am as chumps #18 and #19. According those in the GS line, the EB and Gamestop had a combine 30 units that could be preordered. That was a lot more than I was expecting (and there were a lot fewer people than I expected).

I really think that getting a Wii is going to be so much easier than getting an XBOX 360 was (considering Nintendo is promising 2 million launch units). Of course, one jackass at Gamestop wasn't so sure. He showed up at 2:30am to get in line. I will be thinking of him when I walk into a retailer in the weeks leading up to Christmas and just pick one up off the shelf. And considering how badly EB and GS screwed up the XBOX 360 preorders, I don't know if that guy can feel all that confident sitting there for those 7 1/2 hours waiting for the store to open.

I think my plan on the 19th will be to swing by the new Costco that is opening less than a mile from my house a couple of hours before they open. The crowd should be much smaller there than at Best Buy considering that a membership is required. If there are a ton of people waiting, I'll just head back to bed and wait a week or so.

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