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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
FFL: Taste O' Bitchsmack 93; sMoRTy71 86
Never trust a Chicago Bear. That's all I can say. Going into last night's game, I had the choice of using Anquan Boldin (versus the #1 defense in the NFL) or Bernard Berrian (versus the crumby Arizona Cardinals). Everyone kept talking up the Bears and how they were the greatest thing since, well, the '85 Bears. And Berrian had been their big play receiver all year. Boldin, on the other hand, had struggled a bit, plus he was working with a rookie QB in his 2nd NFL start.

Considering the matchup, I chose Berrian over Boldin. That mistake cost me the game. Boldin went off for over 150 yards and a TD. Berrian did next to nothing thanks to his QB Rex Grossman's 4 INTs and 2 fumbles.

So now, my team is a lousy 3-3 and in second place in my division (although I have the best division record). Hopefully, I can break this losing streak next week again the Woodlawn Woodchucks.

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