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Monday, July 9, 2007
Best & Worst of Live Earth
I spent a lot of Saturday watching Live Earth on various channels (Bravo, NBC and Universal HD). Overall, it was an event made to be TiVoed. A handful of really good performances scattered with about 23 hours of mediocre ones.

The best performance that I saw was from The Foo Fighters in London. They were the only band that seemed genuinely happy to perform and brought any real energy to their performance. They were also one of the few bands that sounds really good live.

Others I enjoyed were The Beastie Boys, Spinal Tap doing "Stonehenge" and Duran Duran doing "Girls on Film."

The worst performance I saw was the horrendous duet with the Police and Kayne West. Who's idea was that? Other than the verse that Kayne threw in, he was generally lost onstage, occasionally grunting and asking people to put their hands up.

Here is a clip of the ridiculous ending of "Message in a Bottle".

I really wish one of the networks would have just dedicated a channel to a couple of the bigger venues. London had the best line-up. I would have liked to just watch the London feed live.

YouTube has a bunch of other performances here.

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