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Friday, July 6, 2007
Update on new TechRepublic gadget blog
Just wanted to give a quick update on the blog I am going to be writing for TechRepublic.

We didn't get the blog launched at the end of June as we were hoping. My parental leave coupled with our inability to come up with a name that we all loved pushed the launch into July.

For now, we are going to launch with the title as "Practical Gadgetry." It seems to fit considering we plan to provide real-world, "living-with-it" reviews of new products and tips for getting the most out of the products you already own. We won't do a lot of pre-launch hype for gadgets or post gadget porn photos of things you won't be able to buy for 6 months.

Already have a bunch of posts ready (or just about ready) including stuff on the Upstage from Samsung and tips for XBOX 360, iPod, Windows Home Server and the Nintendo Wii.

I am currently using the Nokia N95 as my primary cellphone and plan to do a review on that in a couple of weeks.

Also, now that I have a Drobo (I'll go ahead and spoil my review and say that I love it), I plan to do a series of posts on setting it up, replacing drives and other tips.

So, sorry for the delay. I'll post more here once it goes live.

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