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Sunday, April 9, 2006
GameznFlix blows it
GameznFlix, the site that rents both movies and games, has signed a deal with Circuit City to promote their service. So, after being reminded of this little affiliation while reading the Circuit City ad in Sunday's paper, I decided to sign up for a free trial. Their 3-out plan is only $16.99, so I figured I could cancel both Netflix and GameFly if they were any good.

Well, my question about whether they were any good was answered when I attempted to register for the 14-day trial. The sign-up form has an error on it that prevents your credit card type from validating. So, no matter what you enter in the field, you get an error that says "Credit card type is a required field." Nice!


I wonder how many customers they are losing as I type this e-mail? I'm betting it's a lot.

UPDATE: It looks like it is a Firefox issue. After switching to IE, I was able to register for the free trial.

And, based on this knowledgebase ticket, investors pointed this out to them in NOVEMBER and it still isn't fixed.

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