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Monday, March 27, 2006
WIRED & Reuters "out" a source
OK, I was reading a WIRED article about how some grassroots developers have written apps to allow Sirius and XM service to be streamed to a cellphone (using the web-based players that both companies offer). BTW, to get off track for a second, I think it is great to see people band together to improve or extend a product when the companies themselves can't or won't.

The problem I have is that the article totally exposes one of their sources who requested to not use his full name. Check out this nugget to see what I mean:

"We don't want to get into any trouble," said Wayne, the developer of PocketXM Radio, who declined to give his full name for fear of retribution. He said his software, subsequently renamed Pocket Satellite Radio, is no longer for sale.

It had been sold at a website registered to W**** J****, based in Texas.

NOTE: I hid the source's name in the quote above to keep this guy's name from showing up all over Google once this post gets indexed. Of course, WIRED and Reuters weren't so kind.

Unbelievable! Sure, readers could potentially connect the dots and do the same thing; however, revealing a source like that is as slimy as it gets in my opinion. To be fair to WIRED, the article is a reprint from Reuters. However, it is still no excuse to using it. Lame.

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