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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
TiVo has lost its mind
First of all, let me say that I have been a happy TiVo user since 2001. Love the software. However, if I wasn't using a DirecTiVo (which only charges $5.99 for the TiVo service), I wouldn't use it. I just feel that $13 per month is too much to pay for something that offers no content of its own. By comparison, Sirius is $13 and I see a clear value in what I am paying for. With TiVo, it is just convenience. And since TiVo isn't the only DVR app available, it just doesn't make sense for me.


Now, TiVo sends me an e-mail for a new promotion where they give you the TiVo box and you just pay the monthly service fee. Of course, the fee has increased and they have added a service contract.

To get a free TiVo box (which could be had for less than $150 now), you have to sign up for a 3-year commitment at $16.95. That's over $600! I don't know why anyone would take them up on this offer.

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