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Thursday, March 16, 2006
Playing Halo 2 w/GameSpot
We are having a little business unit showdown tonight with members of our B2B division squaring off against members of our Games & Entertainment division in a Halo 2 deathmatch.

We built a small gameroom in our Louisville office (42" Samsung HDTV and an XBOX 360) a few months ago and we've been trying to get someone to play us. After some trash-talking on our corporate intranet, we finally got the GameSpot team to accept.

We chose Halo 2 because it is compatible with both the XBOX and the 360. Plus, it has been around long enough that everyone knows the game and how to play.

We are doing a best-out-of-three team slayer tournament tonight at 8:30 PM Eastern. Photos and results later tonight.

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