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Thursday, March 16, 2006
CozmoTV overview
Thomas Hawk has a really nice overview of Cosmo TV's service offerings (I won't try to recap everything here, so read his post for all the details). Basically, Cosmo is combining remote scheduling of DVRs/Media Centers with tools for social networking like tagging and friends lists. Not the best summary, but that's the general idea.

The current site features, which basically just allow you to schedule recordings for your TiVo and tag shows, aren't that exciting. However, some of the upcoming stuff is very cool.

1. Support for Media Center PCs and iPods
Cosmo claims that they will support more devices than just TiVos. This is great for me considering my two DirecTiVos are always left out when it comes to remote scheduling.

2. Ability to share your viewing habits with friends
I have wanted something like this for quite a while. I would love to be able to see what friends are watching, especially if I turn on the TV and there is nothing on my TiVo to watch. Knowing that a friend is watching could be very helpful (and potentially embarrassing for them -- bonus!).

3. Support for different types of content
Cosmo is going to support web video in addition to broadcast, cable and satellite. So the ability to find and record great content isn't limited to what you could already get through your TiVo. Considering the growth of sites like YouTube, it would be very cool to get that type of content alongside more mainstream video.

Check out Cosmo TV's site for more.

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