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Friday, March 3, 2006
Rockstar's first XBOX 360 game
Rockstar Table Tennis

IGN posted a little teaser in their forums this week that they would be announcing a super secret XBOX 360 game today. Of course, sites like Digg picked up on it and people speculated wildly about what it might be.

My favorite guess was "Super Mario Evolved Projected Gotham Racing Theft Auto Pro Skater Turismo Gear Solid Kong Country Reloaded XII."

Unfortunately, that was wrong; however, the game that was revealed sounds like it could be pretty awesome. Rockstar, the makers of the Grand Theft Auto series, is making a table tennis game for the 360... yes, I said table tennis.

According to Sam Houser at Rockstar:
"We wanted to create a sports game with the intensity of a fighting game and the sense of speed and control that would make playing it a more intense and more visceral experience than has previously been possible with sports games. It's not just about looking better, feeling better or animating better but about using the power of the hardware to make a game that engages with you on a different physical and emotional level."

I'm actually excited about checking this game out. I like tennis games; however, my one complaint about them is speed. Table tennis is a much faster game, Rockstar should be able to make a pretty exciting game out of it.

Check out more in this interview on IGN.

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