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Thursday, March 2, 2006
TiVo disappoints w/ KidZone
KidZoneI'm no PR expert, but I think TiVo kind of blew it today with their announcement of KidZone. Several factors came together to make this a pretty big disappointment:

1. Apple's much-hyped announcement of new products earlier this week
2. TiVo's lack of product innovation over the past several years
3. TiVo hyping today's announcement in advance

Of course, let's not overlook the fact that the product announced is just lame. Even without the other contributing factors, KidZone is a dog. As a parent, I already have the V-chips on all of our TVs and the parental controls on all of our DirecTiVos set up. KidZone gives me nothing, not to mention all of the eager-for-innovation TiVo users who don't have kids.

This comment on Engadget really summed up what most TiVo users are feeling:

"Hey! I can't believe it - TiVo announced TivoToGo for the Mac. Universal, transfers easily to your ipod and PSP and allows Apple's iTunes downloads to be played on you TV.

Oh wait, no they didn't."

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