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Thursday, March 2, 2006
I want a Gefen component extender
I just saw the new Gefen component extender over at HD Beat and it is very cool. It allows you to run an HD or other component video signals over Cat 5 wiring.

So you could have an HD receiver in a central location (closet, basement) and distribute it to a display in another location via Cat 5. Of course, there is a converter box on each end of the Cat 5 that converts back to VGA.

I would love to get something like this setup at the house. I currently have a ton of equipment in a rack in the manroom next to my TV. It would nice to be able to place some of the equipment in the basement where my structured wiring box is located. Then I could distribute a signal video source to all of the rooms in the house with Cat 5.

The bad news is the Gefen component extender is $300 (and that just covers one display)and I would need 4 of them to make this happen.

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