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Monday, February 27, 2006
Convert DVDs to iPod in 2 steps
Lots of sites and blogs picked up on this WIRED article about ripping DVDs and converting them for use with the iPod. One thing I noticed about the 3-step article was that it is 1 step too long. Of course, some would claim that my tip is 1 step too long because I'm not using Handbrake; however, the PC version of Handbrake isn't the easiest to use. Plus, I already use DVD Decrypter for so many other things so I prefer to use it.

Here is how I do it on the PC:

1. Decrypt the DVD
I use DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD to a single VOB file. By using DVD Decrypter to rip to a single VOB, you have no need for VOB Merge which was used in step 2 of the WIRED article.


Configure DVD Decrypter to create a single VOB by selecting "Tools" then "Settings" then the "File Mode" tab. In the right side of the "File Mode" tab, change the File Splitting menu to "None."

2. Convert the VOB
Like the WIRED article, I also use 3GP Converter. Open 3GP Converter, select "Model:MP4, for iPod," drag and drop your single VOB file in the "Drag&Drop files here" text area. Conversion begins as soon as you drop the file.


I found it useful to actually select my Output Directory before dragging the file. Otherwise, the app will use it's default directory.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have Quicktime installed prior to the conversion. Without Quicktime, 3GP will crap out and give you an error (2095). Unfortunately, it won't tell you why there is any error.

The conversion takes quite about 20 minutes (I think). Once you have the file, all that is left is adding it to your iTunes library.

BTW, in addition to VOB, you can also convert MPEG2 or WMV files using 3GP Converter also. Cool!

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