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Wednesday, March 1, 2006
My review of "Full Auto"
As I previously mentioned, I received my copy of "Full Auto" for the XBOX 360 on Friday. I've pretty much been playing it non-stop ever since. However, I figured I should take a break and share my thoughts on the game now that I am about 50% through career mode and have played several matches online.

Ever since seeing early trailer on GameSpot, I have been impressed with the graphics of "Full Auto"; however, watching trailers on the web and playing the game in HD on a 65" screen are totally different.

The game looks fantastic in HD. Some of my favorite details include how the sky reflects off of the car trunks (until you get your trunk blown off, of course), the smoke and glass shattering when buildings are shot and, of course, all of the huge explosions.

Some reviews I have read claim that there are serious frame rate problems with FA; however, I have only experienced a few brief frame rate hiccups. It only occurs when there are a ton of cars and explosions on the screen at the same time. Not enough to qualify as a serious problem IMO.

"Full Auto" was developed by Pseudo Interactive who also did "Cel Damage" which was one of my favorite early XBOX titles. Like "Cel Damage," "Full Auto" is all about driving fast and blowing things up. I generally hate driving games like "Project Gotham Racing" because they are just driving simulators. I want a game that adds something extra to the experience. Turns out the ability to blow everything up with weapons mounted to your car is the "something extra" that works for me. It's what I really enjoyed about "Cel Damage" and it is what I really enjoy about "Full Auto."

As you progress through career mode, you can unlock more cars and weapons, each with their own specialties. Cars include a limo, a police car (the lights and siren come on whenever you use your "boost" capability), a pickup truck, a giant tow truck and a tricked out hot rod. Weapons include machine guns, mines, grenades, shotguns, smoke screens and missles. Each has their own range, so you have to choose the right weapon for a given challenge. Some times it's missles (which are my favorite) and some times it's machine guns.

In addition to a variety of cars and weapons, there are several gameplay modes to choose from including head-to-head (where you and a friend can challenge each other), career mode and online. And within each mode, there are different game types like point-to-point, down and back and circuit.

Depth / Replayability
I've read a couple of reviews that claim "Full Auto" isn't deep enough or doesn't have enough modes. It's as if the reviewers are judging the game for what they think it should have instead of reviewing the game that has been built.

With that said, I think that depth and replayability would have never come up had I not read those reviews. I have found the career mode to be very deep (I'm only about 50% complete) and challenging. I've had to retry several of the missions in order to get the right combination of car and weapon to achieve "Full Auto" status (each mission uses a medal system with "Survivor" for bronze, "Semi Auto" for silver and "Full Auto" for gold).

When you throw in a head-to-head mode for quick pick-up games and an online mode, I think "Full Auto" is a well-rounded game that sticks to what it is good at -- blowing anything and everything up while driving really fast. If that sounds like fun to you, then I highly recommend "Full Auto."

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