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Sunday, March 5, 2006
Weekend from hell
Well, this is a weekend that I won't miss once its over. Everyone in the house, except me, has been sick over the past week. Mahlon was the first one to get well. Everyone else is completely miserable.

Basically, it starts out with chest congestion, then comes a high fever (101-104).

Mira and Amy spent most of today at the ER due to dehydration from the fever (Mira hasn't wanted to eat or drink anything over the past couple of days). I stayed home and tried to battle Miles' fever with alternating doses of ibuprofen and Tylenol.

The fever associated with this virus doesn't respond well to either. So even with medication, Miles and Mira's fevers are over 101 (and higher as each dose wears off). Amy and I actually have to set the alarm clock throughout the night to give more meds, otherwise, their fevers get too high.

We're hoping that Mira will start to feel better now that she's gotten some IV fluids. Miles is acting OK, however, with his history of seizures, every fever is a risk.

I'm hoping to sleep more than 4 hours tonight, but I'm not counting on it.

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