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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Extreme Makeover: Prince Edition
After purchasing Prince's new album, 3121, yesterday, I was flipping through the booklet in the CD. I noticed a mansion, with a big Prince symbol on it, overlooking what appeared to be L.A. I was a little confused since Prince lives in Minneapolis.

Photo credit: The Smoking Gun

Well, this morning, The Smoking Gun solved this little riddle. Turns out that the mansion in the photo belongs to NBA "star" Carlos Boozer. Prince is currently renting the house for $70,000... per month! During his stay, Prince made a bunch of unauthorized changes to the property including:

- Painting his purple symbol on the outside of the house
- Installing black carpet
- Installing purple monogrammed carpet
- Installing plumbing for beauty salon chairs

Boozer's attorneys initially got involved and demanded the improvements be undone; however, the suit was eventually dropped in February. Prince's lease runs through May 31st; but, "the tenant may cancel the lease with 45 days notice "should the weather conditions of the Los Angeles rainy season...prohibit enjoyment of the property."

I would say NOT having purple monogrammed carpet and beauty salon chairs would also prohibit enjoyment of the property, but that's just me.

As for Prince's new album, I definitely recommend picking it up.

BTW, I actually titled this blog post "Extreme Makeover: Prince Edition" before I noticed that TSG's story had the same title. Weird.

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