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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Volkswagen's Gypsy
VW has a demo video for VW's Gypsy in-dash interface. In a nutshell, Gypsy creates an underlying technology infrastructure for a variety of devices and communication methods.

For example, you can plug in your iPod (or some other device that uses USB) and control it via the Gypsy in-dash screen.

You can also use Gypsy as the interface between you and your Treo or smartphone. Using Bluetooth, Gypsy pulls in your Contacts list so that you can send short messages (using Gypsy's pre-installed phrases "Can't type right now" or "Driving right now" or "Call me") from the Treo without actually touching the Treo.

The last thing in the demo deals with home automation. Using Zigbee, Gypsy can communicate with devices in your home. In the demo, they show how to turn off the iron that has been left on inside.

This is very, very cool. Check out the video here.

You can also check out some pretty small screens from the Gypsy UI here. The GUI was designed by Paul Chang Design in San Francisco.

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