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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Punkasses on XBOX Live
Last night, I decided to play a little Team Slayer on Halo 2. I chose ranked matches so that I could assess my skills against other players of the same rank. Unfortunately, most of the games I played were filled with punkasses who were either "de-leveling" or helping the other team (or both).

Twice, I had every other member of my team inform me that they were de-leveling so I should just quit. In both cases, I chose to play out the match and trash-talk my teammates.

Once, I was actually able to get all of them to team kill me so that I could boot them from the game.

And in another game, this jackass named xLHxGrunkalunka was actually spotting for the other team. I kept hearing, in that annoying high-pitched voice, "hey, he's over here... no over here... NO! over here." Fortunately for me, the kid was too stupid to ever use landmarks to pinpoint my location, so it wasn't much help.

Eventually, I just decided to betray him with the energy sword until he booted me from the game.

So, here are the gamertags of the punkasses that I played with last night who were either de-leveling or helping the other team:

Team Slayer on Lockout:
- BigButtBratzel
- DingyNine
- AbzorB
- BxR ACDC (was on the other team)

Here are the stats from that match

Team Slayer on Colossus:
- FrAySeRBoY187
- BoughtVirg

Here are the stats from that match

And finally, here is the king of all jackasses who spotted for the other team:

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