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Monday, May 8, 2006
TIME's review of the Wii
A scan from the TIME article from Infendo

TIME magazine reporter Lev Grossman got to play the new Nintendo Wii and has written a 5-page article detailing the experience.

Here is what he had to say about using the new controller:

"It's a remarkable experience. Instead of passively playing the games, with the new controller you physically perform them. You act them out. It's almost like theater: the fourth wall between game and player dissolves. The sense of immersion--the illusion that you, personally, are projected into the game world--is powerful. And there's an instant party atmosphere in the room. One advantage of the new controller is that it not only is fun, it looks fun. When you play with an old-style controller, you look like a loser, a blank-eyed joystick fondler. But when you're jumping around and shaking your hulamaker, everybody's having a good time."

And check out what EA's John Schappert said about the new Madden game for the Wii:

"To snap the ball, you 'snap' the remote back toward your body, which hikes the ball," Schappert says. "No buttons to press, just gesture a hiking motion, and the ball's in the hands of the QB. To pass the ball, you gesture a throwing motion. Hard, fast gestures result in bullet passes. Slower, less forceful, gestures result in loftier, slower lob passes. It truly plays like nothing you've ever experienced."

Holy crap! I'm sold on the Wii (although I was sold before, but still...)!

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