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Monday, July 24, 2006
Applian dissing Sling Media
Applian, the software industries equivalent of a remora, has started a public smear campaign against Sling Media because they added encryption to SlingPlayer, thus breaking one of Applian's apps.

At-Large Recorder, which was originally called SlingCorder, is a $29.95 app that allows you to "record videos streamed from SlingBox™ devices as Windows Media Files." Sling's new encryption prevents At-Large Recorder from being able to record the streams, so Applian is crying foul and claiming that Sling's decision is a blow to fair use.

This is ridiculous. This has nothing to do with fair use. Blaming Sling for changing their product (and breaking Applian's app) is like one of the millions of mashup sites blaming Google if they change their map API. Applian is taking a free ride on the success of the Slingbox (down to trying to inappropriately use the Sling name). They should have worked a partnership with Sling before building their app and taking people's money.

BTW, Applian is the same company that has an app to steal streams from paid services like Rhapsody and Napster (with a laughable appeal for users to support the artists they like by buying music). Of course, Applian is careful to point out that they are "not affiliated with any of these services, nor do we encourage violating any license agreements. We offer this list only for compatibility purposes."

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