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Monday, July 17, 2006
"Puttin' on the Dog" was fun
Saturday night, Amy and I attended the Paws with Purpose "Puttin' on the Dog" Dinner and Charity Auction at The Olmsted. We were the guest of one of Miles' classmates who also received a dog when we got Faith.

Dinner, which was catered through the Olmsted, was a really good Carribean-themed buffet. There was also a cash bar. So after stuffing ourselves with jerk chicken and Maker's Mark, we decided to bid on some auctions (probably not the best idea).

We ended up winning a couple of the silent auctions. One was for a skating birthday party at a local skating rink, a birthday cake and a Gamecube game (which shall remain nameless until after their birthdays). Because the boys both have birthdays in August, this was the one we wanted to win. I was locked in a bitter bidding war and the price went from $25 to $75 in the final 2 minutes. Not bad for over $200 worth of stuff.

The other auction was for a 5-day Safari Camp at the Louisville Zoo. Mahlon loves animals and usually does some sort of camp during the summer, so this was perfect. The camp is usually $185 and we got it for $45. Plus, they threw in some stuffed animals that Mira and Miles really liked.

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