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Monday, July 10, 2006
Getting & sending first la la CD
I should be getting my first CD from la la any day now. I signed up for the service several months ago after reading about it in WIRED (I think). I set up a tentative Want list and then didn't really check back. Over the weekend, I got an e-mail saying that someone was going to be sending me Faith No More's "King for a Day / Fool for a Lifetime" CD. Cool!

Upon logging onto the site to see if the CD had shipped, I saw that someone was requesting the lone CD that I had listed (the not-so-good self-titled debut from Morningwood). So I have printed out the shipping label and am awaiting my shipping kit from la la which includes prepaid mailers and CD sleeves.

I am going to go through my collection this week to see what other CDs I might want to list. Check out my la la page later in the week so see what I've listed.

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