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Thursday, June 29, 2006
Returning my DS for repair
I'm not having the best luck with game systems lately. My original XBOX 360 died within days of purchase. Now, I am going to send my DS Lite in for repair. It's not a big issue; however, it is something that I tried living with for a couple of weeks.

Basically, I have a big red, dead pixel (OK, it is just 1 pixel, but it seems really big to me) in the middle of the touchscreen. For some games, it isn't very noticeable; however, for others, it is really annoying. Nintendo recommended using the DS for a week or so to see if it is still a problem. And, for me, it is.

So now I will be looking for some Nintendo methadone (or maybe a decent 360 game) while I wait the 5-7 business days that a repair takes to get back to me. The cool thing is that Nintendo is sending me a pre-paid UPS shipping label, so I don't have to shell out any cash. And since the DS Lite works, I can play it until I get the label.

I'll post a follow-up once I get my repaired DS Lite back.

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