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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Running Skype as a Service
ZOverLord over at the Skype forum has posted an excellent guide to setting up Skype and the D-Link USB Phone Adapter utility as Windows services.

Why do they need to be services? Well, by default, if users log on and off of the machine, Skype and the D-Link utility shut off. This means that you won't get any calls to ring to your phone or Skype client until you log back into your Windows user account.

Using ZOverLord's tips, you can configure services for each that start up when the machine boots and persist regardless of logon status. Very, very cool.

To top it off, because the Skype client and D-Link utility are running as services, you can launch a second Skype client under a different username and not affect the first. This is useful for when you want to use one Skype account to ring your phone via the D-Link adapter; however, you want to use another Skype account to chat with someone via your webcam.

Thanks, ZOverLord!

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