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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
NY Times covers Phil Phister
The NY Times has a really great article about Phil Phister, World's Strongest Man and former classmate. Lots of interesting info like the fact that he is *not* using performance-enhancing drugs (I didn't think he was; however, that seems to be everyone's first assumption).

My favorite part has to be the following:

"'One day we were driving with another couple and we got a flat tire,' recalled Pfister's wife, Michelle. 'Somehow, the jack didn't work. So Phil picked up the rear of the car and the other guy changed the tire. Phil was the jack. Other drivers on the road passed by and they couldn't believe their eyes.'"

Other ridiculous feats of strength listed in the article. Remind me *not* to invite Phil to our next Festivus celebration.

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